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Friday, June 1, 2012

Keeping Track of Sewing Supplies

Sewing supplies have a way of getting away from you. Pins roll onto the floor. Scissors and marking pens get lost under swaths of fabric. Beads and buttons end up all over the place. And you never can find that sewing machine manual when you need it, though it will turn up when you don't.

Everyone who sews needs to track of those sewing supplies. And different supplies require different solutions. For all those little pins and whatever other metal tools you might have, try magnetic trays. You can find these simple items at your local hardware store and they'll keep your pins from rolling away. And, if the tray is knocked over, most of the pins stay in the magnetic tray.

But a magnetic tray doesn't help when it comes to marking pens and cutters. So try recycling an old silverware basket, the kind that come in most dishwashers. You can use these baskets to hold marking pens, scissors, cutters, glue sticks, and other supplies. It works magic and allows you to keep your sewing area organized.

Then there are those tiny little items such as buttoms, crystal, trim, and even the pressure feet from your sewing machine. While some of these might fit in the silverware basket or conveniently stick to the magnetic trays, some of them are just awkward. try an old fishing tackle box. These boxes fit almost anything and tend to conserve space better than traditional sewing boxes. They're also cheaper.

And what about all those manuals, supply instructions, magazine article, printouts, and other random papers? Don't toss them in a drawer. They'll get crumpled and perhaps even ruined. Instead, invest in a good-quality three-ring binder and some inserts. Also pick up a few pockets to fit in your binder. This way, you can store all the paper you need in one convenient location.

Keeping your sewing area organized will cut down on the time you spend searching for the items you need. Get creative and find unique ways to keep track of all your sewing supplies and you'll find your life gets a lot easier.

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