Items posted on the main page are available for purchase unless otherwise indicated. If you'd like to purchase an item shown, send me a message indicating which country you live in and I'll quote you a shipping price. All payments are processed through Paypal only. If you're looking for a custom item, let me know the specifics and I'll quote you a total price. Custom items typically take 6 weeks to produce after payment is received. Keep this in mind when asking for custom orders.

Cloaks and Robes

My most popular items continue to be cloaks and robes. These are worn at parties, conventions, and other events all over the world. I work in many colors and fabrics, and each one is unique with a pewter clasp instead of a button or tie.

This item is a black cotton robe lined with sky blue acetate lining fabric. Cheap, but excellent quality, this particular robe was for a masquerade ball in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Kids' cloaks are popular items too. This cloak hangs to the hips or just below the buttocks, depending on the height of the wearer. It was constructed of blue satin and lined with a cotton fabric with a sailboat print. Custom order that was much enjoyed by the recipient.
Wedding cloaks have definately made a comeback. In the past three years, I must have produced two hundred cloaks for weddings. This one, constructed of heavy navy satin and lined with a lighter white satin, is one of my favorites. It had a nice drape, and the bride absolutely loved it.
For anyone in a colder climate, thick and heavy cloaks are the way to go. This one was constructed of heavy cotton, both for the shell and the lining. The turquoise of the shell is highlighted by the white of the lining. Warm, but still with a nice drape, this cloak has been a constant favorite with many of my customers.
Every little girl wants to be a princess, and the little girl who received this cloak got her wish. The shell is a white satin while the lining is a whtie taffeta decorated with red hearts. Beautiful item that any girl would love. This was a limited edition fabric, so the few items made with it are one-of-a-kind.
Robes are nice and versatile. This one is made of a poly-cotton blend for durability. It is medium in weight and drapes nicely off the shoulders. The shell is a solid black, but the lining, at the request of the customer, is a deep forest green.
All-purpose robes are one of the most common requests. I can do any color, but last year, brown was popular. The robe in this picture was used as a Jedi robe in a photo shoot down in New England. The customer later requested a black robe for a different photo shoot. Both robes were constructed of a poly-cotton blend for drape and durability.
My own children love to request items. My older son asked for a blue and green shiny robe when he was 3 years old. This particular robe was made from metallic fabric, blue for the shell and green for the lining. An expensive robe, yes, but beautiful and exciting. My son loved it, and I've made several of these in the last three years.