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Gowns and Female Apparel

Each year, I take more and more requests for gowns and other women's apparel. This is especially true around Halloween. Many of these gowns are based on my own designs, though some are inspired by movies I've seen or books I've read. They all make good costumes, though the fabrics used to construct them make the gowns here suitable for every day wear. If you ever had the sudden urge to wear a ball gown every day.

Ball gowns are fun and frilly. This one is simple, but with a large and heavy skirt. Available in many colors, this gown is typically made of a slipper satin but can really be made of anything. One of my favorites was a purple silk gown that I made in 2011.

One of my favorite gowns, this one is made of a heavy black cotton with tangerine cotton accents. It is a corset-style gown, though it doesn't give the support of a corset. It's merely designed after that particular look. The criss-crossed style makes this gown one of my top sellers. I liked it so much that it was part of my display for over 2 years. It comes in a variety of colors and fabrics, but this particular combination was designed for Halloween. the belt is attached to the dress, and can be tied in front of behind.
The Empire waist of this gown makes it forgiving and the puffed sleeves gives it an 1800s sort of feel. The square neckline flatters most body types. This example was made of a harvest spice duponi silk and looked wonderful upon the bride who purchased it.
Based on the red gown Mercedes wears in the movie "The Count of Monte Cristo", this gown is similar to the one above. Also made of silk, it is trimmed with an antique gold polyester ribbon. It's bright and soft and was worn by a young woman to a masquerade ball. The band around the bodice creates a lovely drape.
Sometimes, a customer requests a more modest and childlike gown. So I came up with this 1950s style dress. It falls to the mid-calf on most women and has a high neckline. Its sleeves are gently puffed and its constructed of a heavier cotton to give it weight and drape.
I make gowns for myself all the time. This one was for Halloween in 2009, which explains the tangerine cotton with black accents. This style is fairly standard and flatters most body types. It is typically tight in the bodice, though for a looser fit a larger size can be used. The belt is not attached to the gown, allowing for a variety of looks. This is my favorite Halloween gown to date, and I always find an excuse to wear it in October, even if it's just around the house!