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Animal Gear

Our animal friends need things too, especially in the depth of winter. I've created many pieces for animals over the years. Some of my favorites are on this page.

I have miniature poodles, and they have very short legs and they love to be cuddled. So I created a sling out of flannel to keep my poodles warm and relaxed while we travel around. The dog is comfortable and my hands remain free. I've made this sling in cotton as well, which is a cooler fabric but just as useful.
All dogs want to be warm. So I make flannel sweaters for the dogs. These are perfect for spring and fall and can be made in a variety of sizes. One of my most popular items, especially in climates that are a little cooler than average. this item has a hood, though you can't see it in the picture.
But when flannel isn't quite warm enough, it's time to move up to fleece. This fleece is heavy and warm, and perfect for those colder days. This item is the same as above, only made of fleece. It also has a hood to keep those delicate little ears warm.