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Witches and Wizards

I sew a lot of fantasy clothing. It was inevitable that someone would ask for a robe based on the Harry Potter movies. These are merely my own robes with an iron-on patch of my own design, so they're not exactly what you see in the movie. But they are made of a nice poly-cotton blend and designed with a clasp for durability. You can really have any color combination, but the most popular are on this page.

A black robe with a patch applied, this robe can be used as a standard wizard robe. You can always turn it inside out to hide the patch, if you so desire.

Who doesn't love Gryffindor? Of course, this is just a standard robe lined with red or burgendy (depending on what the customer asks for), but it does the job.
And Hufflepuff.
My personal favorite is Ravenclaw.
But the most requested has got to be Slytherin. I seem to make these all year round.
Looking for a wizard robe you can play sports in? Then these are for you. A variety of colors are available. These robes are often used as Quidditch robes at parties. Gryffindor is a popular choice. Name and number can be added to the back, though most people leave it blank. Available in red or burgendy, depending on the whims of the customer.
And don't forget Slytherin. I don't have any pictures of the other color combinations.