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Fairy Tales

I get a lot of requests for items based on fairy tales. I've made everything from Snow White gowns to Mad Hatter costumes. I've forgotten to take pictures in most cases, but I'm in the process of correcting that oversight. For now, you can take a look at what I do have.

Alice in Wonderland is a fun and classy costume. This particular item features a blue mid-calf dressed based on the 1950s style constructed of a heavy cotton. It has short, puffed sleeves and a high collar. This costume comes with the apron and the petticoat, both constructed of a lighter cotton. The apron and the petticoat are both separate pieces.
Who is Alice without the Mad Hatter? There are dozens of versions of this colorful costume, but when I made this one, I was going for goofy. The customer wanted the Mad Hatter to look as insane as possible, so I went with bright colors and light fabrics. Each piece is constructed of a lightweight poly-cotton blend. This costume includes the pants, shirt, vest, bowtie, large overcoat, and top hat. Every piece is designed to make the Mad Hatter look shabby and just a little nuts.
I'm a bit of a sucker for Beauty and the Beast, so when my sister asked for a ball gown based on that style, I couldn't say no. This thing is made of heavy and durable slipper satin. It's quite heavy and swishes when you walk. Since I made this first one for my sister, I've made many others for people all around the world. Not the cheapest gown, but it's a lovely piece.