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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Creative Sewing Box and Storage Solution

Traditionals sewing boxes and kits are simply not that large. They'll hold a few notions and maybe even some scraps of fabric, but forget storing patterns or larger pieces of fabric in there. If you love to sew, you probably have more supplies and fabrics than you can store in that sewing box, so you end up with bags, boxes, and storage tubes filled with supplies all over the house. Hey, it happens.

But there is a creative solution, though you'll have to go to your local hardware store to get it. Invest in a giant tool box. One of those ones with a dozen drawers that rolls around on wheels. These are often called tool chests or tool cabinets, and some of them have power outlets, radios, and even little mini refrigerators (though you might not need one that elaborate).

These chests have drawers for all your notions and supplies, and you'll probably have enough space for frequently-used patterns and fabrics. And they come on wheels so you can move them when you need to. If you really need the storage space, you might want to get two!

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