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Friday, June 29, 2012

Kreinik Metallic Threads

I love unique products that are easy to work with and enhance the beauty of my projects. So when I found the vibrant metallic threads from Kreinik, I was overjoyed. These threads glitter and sparkle, adding pizzazz and vibrancy to many of my projects. I use them for embroidery or even just to sew a hem and am always pleased with the results.

These threads come in many colors and are available in a variety of sizes to accomodate all your sewing and craft needs. Choose from textures such as ribbon or braid and watch your sewing and craft projects come to life.

These threads can be a little irritating to work with when they curl or twist, but there are a couple simple tips I've discovered that can solve both these problems. Neither of these tips apply when using Kreinik metallic threads in a sewing machine. First, when taking the thread off the spool, wet it just a little. That will get rid of the curl. And if you find your thread twists as you work, try using shorter lengths. This will also help preserve the quality of the thread itself.

These and other specialty threads are a little more expensive than your average sewing thread, but they're well worth the cost whenever you need something with a little spice.

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