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Friday, June 8, 2012

Creating Multiple Sewing Stations

Have you ever been ironing a piece of fabric and needed scissors but you simply couldn't find them? It's happened to me, and on more than one occasion. This situation inevitably leads to a frantic hunt for sewing scissors. Or maybe you need your seam ripper while sitting at your sewing machine and you just can't remember where you left it. If this happens to you, you might want to considering setting up and organizing separating sewing stations.

Start with your basic sewing station. The sewing machine. If at all possible, set it up so you don't have to constantly take it down. A separate table is ideal. Keep a selection of pins and pressure feet here. Also thread and all the needles for your sewing machine. And don't forget a pair of scissors and a stitch ripper.

When you're sewing, you'll often need to iron fabric, both before you start using it and during your project. So you'll need an ironing area. Stock this area with pins, a lint roller, and a quality hem gauge. And a pair of scissors so you don't have to run to your sewing area every time you need to snip a thread.

Cutting tables are ideal for laying out your fabric and cutting your pattern pieces. At this table, you'll also want marking tools such as pens and your marking wheel. Also put all your rotary cutters in this area, even if you don't use them very often. At least you'll know where they are when you do need them. And, of course, a quality pair of sewing scissors.

These are your three basic sewing stations. Keep them separate and well stocked and you'll find your projects are suddenly completed more quickly and with greater efficiency.

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