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Friday, August 10, 2012

How to Fashion Design Series with Bob Martin

I love products that help people unfamiliar with sewing methods and techniques learn something new. But what I love even more are products that are useful for both the novice and the seasoned pro. This is what I found in the How to Fashion Design Series with Bob Martin.

This product explains the process of designing and constructing a garment from start to finish. There are three DVDs, each focusing on a particular step of the process. The first DVD explains garment construction. You can learn to sew seams and will actually construct a garment as you follow along.

The second DVD gets into fashion drawing. These lessons start at the very beginning, so it doesn't matter if you're artistic or not. You can still learn to draw out unique and beautiful fashions. This is probably my favorite of the DVDs in this set.

But let's not forget the third and final DVD. During this series of lessons you will be introduced to the entire design process. Do you want to create your own designs either for your own use or perhaps as a way to start your own business? This is the DVD for you (though you'll need the other two as well).

The entire series is well worth the investment for anyone interested in more than simply following a pattern.

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