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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Corset-Style Gown for Sale, Black with Tangerine Accents

This item has been sold.

This corset-style gown spent most of its time in the back room, occasionally being used as a display model(floor model) around Halloween for a few years. It was never worn, but did spent some time on a mannequin. We've changed our Halloween display, and that means selling off the old display items. Also, we no longer have these fabrics available, so there won't be any more of these gowns (in these particular colors) once this last one is gone.

This gown is constructed out of a heavy black cotton blend. The accents are a tangerine damask cotton with an embossed rose print. The roses are hard to see in the photo unless you look closely, but they are there. This gown is corset-style, but bear in mind that it doesn't give any real support. Appropriate undergarments will still be required as the ribbons are for decorative purposes only. The ribbons can be pulled to make the gown slightly smaller than the indicated measurements.

The orange belt in the picture is attached to the gown and cannot be removed. It can, however, be tied either in front of the gown or behind it. Tying the belt in a bow behind the body is a more classic look, but I pulled the belt to the front so it could be easily seen. The belt can help to make the gown fit you more exactly. This gown is designed for Halloween wear, as evidenced by the colors, but you could wear it for other events throughout the year as well.

There is decorative black stitching along the neck and around the sleeves that cannot be seen in the picture. The sleeves are tight until the flounce. The flounce is vibrant and fun and will cover the hand on most wearers.

The gown's approximate measurements are as follows:
  • Bust: 36"
  • Waist: 28"
  • Hips: 38"
Since this is a floor model, there might be some minor markings, but I can't see any. I would consider this gown to be in near-perfect condition These gowns retail for $99.99, but since it's a floor model bidding starts at well under half that price.

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